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Pier and Beam Lifts : Raising a Pier & Beam Home in Pennsylvania

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Pier and Beam Foundation Lifting

When raising a pier and beam home, it begins with taking level readings throughout the home with a computerized zip level. These readings are then written down for use during the lift to make sure the home remains in a completely leveled position throughout the entire elevation process.

How Many Interior Piers Are Needed To Make A Structure Even: The number of pilings you’ll require depends on how unlevel your slab foundation is. You may only need 1-2 interior piers, or you may require 10-15, and possibly even more.

Looking for the average cost of foundation repair? You came to the right place.

Pier and Beam Lifts
The next step is to measure the dimensions of the home to determine the sizes and number of beams that will be needed to support the home during the lift. The subfloor is inspected prior to beam placement to determine if it’s strong enough to withstand lifting pressure. Sometimes additional shoring (“shores” or “props” are used to support or hold up something weak or unstable) is needed to ensure a successful lift.
Once the beams are in place, hydraulic jacks are locked-in under the beams. Hydraulic hoses are connected on one end to the jacks and on the other to a modern hydraulics unified hydraulic jacking system. The jacks are then pressured to the lifting point, unified and the house is ready to be elevated.
Once the elevation process is complete, the new foundation will be set according to the engineering plans and building codes under your home. Once the home is lowered and secured onto its new foundation, new steps and/or decks can be completed along with the plumbing, mechanical, electrical and all other the other work that would need to be done to get back into your home!

 Pier and Beam Foundation Repair 

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