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Crumbling Foundations Connecticut

Crumbling Foundations: Up to 35,000 homes in Connecticut could be affected

A Comprehensive Guide to Know Everything Related to House Foundation Damages

The strength of a house lies within its foundation. The primary purpose of a strong foundation is to hold the house’s structure and keep it upright. Hence, a poorly constructed foundation might bring danger to not only homeowners but also the neighborhoods. With tall buildings touching the sky these days, it has become all the more essential to build a powerful foundation. While foundation problems can start small and grow gradually, ignoring these problems is all the more dangerous. Thus, repairing your house will enhance the grace as well as its longevity.


Crumbling Foundations Connecticut
Crumbling Foundations Near Me in CT
Crumbling Foundations CT


Apart from the exterior and interior cracks, house foundations must be given similar importance. Malfunctioning of foundations will give rise to unnecessary building damages. Here’s presenting everything related to crumbling foundations connecticut.

Types of Foundation Damagess

Foundation damages which require getting proper repairs are of three types. Mentioned below are the types of foundation damages.

  • Functional
  • Structural
  • Cosmetic


Importance of Getting the Home Inspected on a Regular Basis

It is important that you get your home inspected regularly. While it is not visible to the common folks, the professional will be able to know about the symptoms of foundation problems. Getting your home inspected regularly will troubleshoot any foundation problem at an early stage. The precautions taken in the early stage will also prevent one from expensive repairs.

Our Role in Solving the Foundation Damages

House damages, especially the cosmetic ones, start with cracks in both interior and exterior ceilings and rocks. These problems will prompt the homeowner to be concerned and take right action by consulting a well-known company who can inspect the foundation. We comprise a team of skilled laborers with proper equipment and troubleshoot the problems related to building foundation. Our foundation repairing services might enhance the longevity of your house.


“We’re apparently the first to be lifted this week as a result of the state law,” .

Upwards of 35,000 homeowners in Connecticut, primarily in the northeast corner, face the potential of having a crumbling foundation, according to the state Department of Housing. Private homeowners have been the only ones to come forward with the problem, with the exception of Birch Grove Primary School in Tolland, which town officials discovered to have a crumbling foundation earlier this year.




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