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Below is an checklist of Owner/Contractor responsibilities before work can be started:

# Notify and meet with any utility companies for shutting off and physically severing services at Owner’s property line(water, gas, electric, telephone, cable, etc.) if required

# Clear Mover’s work area around building

# Verify there is no ledge-rock or shale in area to be excavated. Mover does not excavate rock or shale. If unsure, Owner/Contractor to have test holes dug.

# Secure permission for Mover to work on or to cross any private property.

# Stake out extremities of septic tank(s).

# Clear basement of all personal belongings.

# Clear crawl spaces.

# Remove basement paneling and non supporting partitions.

# Remove stairs to basement.

# Remove all sill plate bolts or fasteners to present foundation, if any.


Important to Remember

VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR MASON CONTRACTORS: Leave adequate openings in new foundation for Mover’s beams and supporting blocks, at least two inches clearance around them after building is grouted. (Building will not be lowered)

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Before calling Mover to remove his equipment, be sure all perimeter walls, including any veneer walls, chimneys, fireplaces, bearing beams, decks and/or porch(es) are fully supported.

FOR EVERYONES’ PROTECTION: Owner is to have electric meter ground wire reconnected to a grounding electrode immediately after building is raised/moved.

NOTE: Owner is responsible for providing Mason contractor with a copy of this Check List before he bids job.

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