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How Much Does it Cost to Raise a House?

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How Much Does House Leveling Cost?*

The range for the cost to raise a house is so broad that it is almost impossible to give an estimate without looking at the structure first. Multiple factors can increase or lower the total cost. We make customized quotes to every job depending on the following 12 factors:

  • Size and Construction of House
  • Age and House Condition
  • Status of Foundation
  • Framing
  • Height of Lift
  • Permits
  • Labor and Materials
  • Landscaping
  • Property Restrictions
  • Utilities
  • Time frame
  • Miscellaneous

Cost to raise a house – need a free estimate, contact us now:

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How much does it cost to raise a house

1) Size and Construction of House

The house’s size affects the total cost because the larger your home is, the more it weighs. More weight requires more massive machinery. The higher the square footage or the more floors there are in your home will always cost more.

The types of materials you used for your house construction also affects the cost to raise it. These materials include wood frame, block, brick, and terracotta. Wood is the least expensive due to the brittle nature of the block, brick, and terracotta. The latter three also adds to the weight of the house.

Average Cost to Raise a House

2) Age and House Condition

WA. Building Movers has specialized in the lifting and moving historic structures that date back to the early 1700s. As years have passed up until the present time, the standards for building and codes for these structures has elevated to new heights. Designs of the past are not of the measures that we have come to know in this present day, making these structures more delicate. Also, with age comes dilapidation in many ways, from deterioration to rot of the existing structure. Lastly, with age, the structures and settlements change the ground conditions or settlement in the building configuration.

These factors can add to the cost to elevate the home and lead to stress cracks in plaster during the lift.

3) Status of Foundation

If you have a damaged foundation, it may be due to poor soil or ground movement. If you’re not transporting your home, then you’ll need to secure your new foundation with helical or concrete piles. This cost is also dependent on the size and weight of the structure. Helical piles are cheaper than concrete, and this option is a much more affordable choice than transporting the home to a new location. Of course, if your foundation is secure and sturdy, you can avoid these costs.

4) Framing

Framing, ancillary, sill plates, and egresses also affect the cost to raise a house. For example, if the existing frame of a home is rotted, dilapidated, or is not up to code to carry the structure’s weight, it would have to be corrected. If there are or will be entryways with decks and stairs, the steps leading up to the decks would have to be replaced/extended down to ground level after the lift. If your house is on a slab, you’ll need to frame an entirely new floor as most slabs are not cost-efficient enough to be lifted.

5) Height of Lift

Generally, the cost to lift home from 1 to 8 feet is the same as 95% percent of the work in lifting the house is preparing to lay out our steel network and support measures before the lift. After 8 feet, there can be an additional cost due to the need to transfer heavy support items to such extreme heights.

6) Permits

House raising requires permits. Permits for raising a house range from $2,500 and $5,000.

7) Labor and Materials

As with any renovation project, you must also factor in the cost of labor and materials to lift and repair the house.

8) Landscaping

If your house needs work around the foundation, you may have to remove trees and other plants. Replanting or replacing any landscaping will add to the cost as well.

House Raising Costs

9) Property Restriction

Property Restrictions include but are not limited to the house’s location, other obstacles in the way, or limited access under the structure. The cost rises if

(1) The home that we need to lift is set behind another structure, or the neighboring structures leave little or no access to the noted house.

(2) There are numerous deep-rooted trees not set to be removed in front of the property, making loading in materials difficult and

(3) There is limited access under the home that may cause extra manual digging to install lifting materials.

10) Utilities

Youʻll needs to shut off all utilities such as electricity, plumbing, phone, and internet services to your home during construction.

11) Time frame

Time always affects house raising costs. If you want your house sooner rather than later, it will cost more because they would have to mover around their schedule and hire more labor on short notice.

12) Miscellaneous

Some projects may require your house raising professional to hire an architect or structural engineer, adding to the total cost of labor. Sometimes minor stress cracks can occur upon elevation due to the amount of settlement on your old foundation. We will not repair this after the lift is complete.

Competitive Pricing

WA. Building Movers provides competitive pricing throughout New Jersey and Connecticut for your house lifting needs. Our team will visit each site to provide a customized quote for your specific job and will be able to give that quote within 7-10 days of being contacted.

House leveling costs vary depending on the foundation’s condition, homeowner goals, and method of repair.

Average Cost to Raise a House

There are many factors involved when calculating the cost of this service. Not only will you have to consider the typical prices for labor and excavation, but you will also have to adjust for the size and condition of the structure that you are raising.

If there are additional services that require architects, engineers, masons, or general contractors, WA will gladly refer qualified trades at your request.

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