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Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Pennsylvania

If you have pier or beam issues in your home, it could mean that you are having foundation problems and that the foundation is not supporting the weight evenly to the beams and piers. There are several different signs that you may have a foundation that has settled or is unlevel. Some signed to look for are
• Sloping floors
• Ceiling cracks
• Doors and windows that stick
• Floor cracks
• Wall cracks
• Shimming between the piers and beams
• Bowing walls
• Leaning chimney

Failing foundations are usually caused by the soil beneath the foundation. House lifting contractors can lift and stabilize your foundation using underpinning products such as steel piers and helical piers. These piers are driven deep into the ground through the faulty soil until they reach a more solid layer of soil.

ECP steel push piers are sometimes referred to as micro piles or resistance piers. The ECP steel piers are the standard for all piering methods for foundation repairs.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair PA
Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Pennsylvania
Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Near Me in Pennsylvania

ECP helical piers look like large screws that are individually installed into the ground and then load tested. After load testing the entire weight of the structure is lifted onto the piers to level and stabilize the structure. ECP helical piers have many advantages such as almost no vibration, can be installed in any weather condition, installed below active soil, & can be easily load tested to verify capacity.



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