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Underpinning – Massachusetts


Underpinning Massachusetts
Underpinning in Massachusetts
Underpinning Near Me in Massachusetts

Underpinning is the act of strengthening ​an existing foundation system in an existing building.

It is usually done in one of the following situations:

the building is showing signs of sinking into the ground or cracking, indicating that the foundation system is not able to bear the weight of the building is either being enlarged or converted for use in a new type of activity, resulting in heavier loading than it was designed for a large new building with deep foundations or basements is being constructed close to an existing building, causing problems for the existing building.

Underpinning in Foundations

We often see with older houses that the soil has been miss characterized. The meaning of this is complicated: In older days, the foundations of a house were built according to the soil the house was built on. Wetter soil had more solid and weighted foundations. Since science was not accurate then as it is now, this means that many times, the soil was misjudged, and wetter soil got the foundations meant for drier soil.

This can pose lots of risks to the house, as when the foundations of a house are not strong, the house can even collapse entirely, with not a single stone or brick left standing, as the whole house rests on the foundation itself.

The mischaracterization of Soil and Why Underpinning is The Solution

If one does find they have the wrong foundations, there is only one solution: underpinning, through which one can replace or repair the foundations of their house. W.A Building Movers and Contractors is the best company for the job, as we have been providing underpinning services to the area of Massachusetts for more than 50 years, making us one of the most experienced. We provide our services to the area in and around Massachusetts.




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