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FEMA House Lifting Grant New Jersey


This is a brief list with short descriptions of what’s covered under FEMA grants.

What’s covered under FEMA GRANTS?

– Pre-Design

Soil test, elevation certificate, survey to determine your current site conditions and parameters

– Engineering/architectural design (Historic review)
A licensed architect and engineer to provide plans and specifications to meet proper guidelines to conform to feta guidelines and state and town requirements.

– Lift and set down – roll off/on if necessary
Lift and set down of the home onto a new foundation at the new required elevation once a new suitable foundation is provided.

Demo/build foundation
To occur once the house is lifted a new foundation will be prepared as per the approved set of plans.

– Flood vents – if required (Be careful w/net free area)
As per engineer/architect plans flood vents will be installed to meet the net free area.

– Stairs/utility stands/lift if prescribed by DR
new stairs will be constructed to meet the new elevation of the home along with the reconnect of the utilities to meet the new elevations.

– Landscape repair/SOD if needed
The repair of landscaping and SOD if as needed due to construction.

– Sidewalk sections if removed for elevation
Replace sidewalk and or sections of walkway that may be removed as necessary to complete the lift and set down and reconstruction



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