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Is it expensive to move a house?

Moving a house can be a costly ordeal. The low estimate for moving an entire house is anywhere between $12 and $16 dollars per square foot. Which can cost anywhere from $150,000-$200,000 for moving a large home just a few miles. You do want to be aware of all the items than can also increase the cost of moving your home.

The distance that your house needs to travel is certainly a factor. However, the route can often have a greater impact on the cost of moving the house than simply the distance.

Other factors along the route that can increase cost are whether physical objects, like mailboxes or trees, need to be moved in order to let the house get by. If the house is more than one story, you might even need to have utility companies raise power lines. You will have to plan your exact route with all the towns and municipalities that you will be moving through.

House Moving HoustonGetting the permits and having the changes made to allow your house access certainly add to the cost. Any changes you need to make to the road have to be pur back the way it was, and you’ll also have to foot the cost for that. Also, you will have to pay to have all the utilities, such as gas, water and electric, disconnected before you move.

If your house is on the larger side, it may be too large to move as a single unit. If this is the case, assuming your house is structurally sound enough to handle it, you’ll have to break your house up into smaller pieces to move. Moving multiple pieces will obviously increase the overall cost of moving the house as well.


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