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FEMA House Lifting Grant

If you reside in a flood region and your house is not capable of facing the thrashing force of the floodwater, then FEMA might reach out to you or vice versa. FEMA house lifting grant is the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program which provides financial assistance to the people who are affected by the flood or those who reside in the region of utmost danger. They might deal in either cash or non-cash methods. They have a number of rules and regulations which have to be abided by the local communities and residents. They make sure that the eligible people live not only in a safer zone but also in a flood ready house structure. FEMA is a grant, reaching out which will give financial assistance in shifting house to a safer place and lifting house stay away from flood water and provide other financial aid before or after the occurrence of the flood.

W.A. Building Mover and Construction Inc are synced with FEMA. We provide construction assistance for the people who are eligible and also have received the grant. Our services that come under this grant are house lifting, house moving, jacking up the house, and constructing or strengthening the foundation so that it could stand strong during heavy rainfall and flood. W.A. Construction Inc. is associated with providing services such as pier and beam repair, foundation construction, slab sepration, house lifting under FEMA house lifting grant, and many more. We have been successfully offering services across many cities persistently for more than fifty long years. We aim at providing high-quality services through the use of fine raw material and equipment.



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