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How do you fix the foundation on a house?

Your home’s foundation is the most important structure of the entire house because it holds your home’s weight. It also distributes the weight of the house along the walls of the foundation which, keeps the structural integrity of the home intact. Maintaining the foundation is something that is easily overlooked because you normally do not see it on a daily basis. The only time you see it is when you go to the basement. Cracks can develop in sections of the basement that are hard to see & could be hidden behind furniture, finished walls, or utility connections.

How do you fix the foundation on a house?

Foundation repair options vary greatly depending on the area you are in and also the site conditions for the repair. Some methods used to repair foundations are:

  1. Steel piers

The steel piers take less time and disturb less landscape than traditional concrete piers. Steel piers have progressed and have become more technical and data-driven to install.

  1. Helical piers

Helical piers work well for exterior foundation repair and interior slab repairs. Helical piers are useful for both new construction and as a repair method.

  1. Concrete pier foundation repair

Concrete piers offer a very permanent way to repair a foundation, but they are also the most costly and are also very difficult to install. Getting drilling rigs into residential yards are less than ideal, and a lot of dirt must be dug from the holes for the piers, making cleanup very difficult.

  1. High-density polyurethane foam

Slab repair is simplified with high-density polyurethane foam. Foundation repair technicians inject the foam in a checkerboard grid that’s approximately 6 foot on center in the affected area.

  1. Spot piers

Spot piers are shallow, hand-dug piers that are filled with concrete. They provide a great option for repairing foundations in lighter areas of the home such as a porch.



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