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House Raising and Shoring Galveston TX Most homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage from flooding, so visit us to learn more. So, you need to lift your house in Galveston because of flooding? Here is a Checklist of what you need to do!​ Raise Your House in Flood Zone: Galveston, Texas Find out your flood zone to

Foundation Repair & Leveling Rosenberg, Houston,TX Why you need to call Architects & Engineers for your house lifting project, including what your foundation repair & leveling, new foundation is going to look like?   “Hi, this is Jason here. We’re going to talk to you today about when you need to bring an architect and engineer into

Home Elevation Brick New Jersey  What’s Covered Under FEMA Grants? The following is a list of what’s covered under FEMA grants: Pre-Design: Soil test, elevation certificate, survey to determine your current site conditions and parameters Engineering/architectural design (Historic review): A licensed architect and engineer to provide plans and specifications to meet proper guidelines to conform to

Concrete Slabs – House Raising Cost Factors Highlands, NJ    House Raising Cost Factors The range for the cost to raise a house is so broad that it is almost impossible to give an estimate without looking at the structure first. There are multiple factors that can raise or lower the total cost. Every quote is customized

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