W. A. Building Movers & Contractors Inc. is long established as a full service General Construction company. In past years, we have built residential and commercial structures, including renovations to schools, institutional structures and commercial complexes etc. Our knowledge gained through building has paved the way to save structures from demolition, while providing alternative ways to repair failed foundations in unstable soils. We have the capabilities to install piles of wood, steel and concrete to establish a lasting base for the existing structure to rest upon.

Our pile driving operation also allows us to enter into low overhead and tight areas for pile installation.

W. A. Building Movers & Contractors Inc. also utilizes a method called Helical Piles. This type of steel pile is drilled into the ground and used to support the existing settled foundation. This system also has the capability to raise the existing foundation back to an original elevation.

Our company also performs power grouting, also known as “Mud Jacking”. This system allows us to raise concrete floor slabs, walks, driveways etc. that have settled and restore them back to a level state. This procedure requires cement to be injected between the concrete floor and the ground area, that in turn raises the settled slab.

Another service that we provide is underpinning. This is where we install a foundation under an existing foundation. Some projects require this procedure in order to deepen the basement to provide more headroom. This is also done when a nearby structure is being built to prevent the existing structure from collapsing.

Our company has a full line of excavation equipment to perform basement dig outs and complete site work.

As you can see, our Building services that we offer far outreaches our competitors. From Custom Building, Renovations, Foundation Repair and/or Replacement, or simply Moving the Structure, for whatever reason, W. A. Building Movers & Contractors Inc. has the knowledge, experience and equipment to perform any project and bringing this type of accumulative power to the table can certainly be cost effective and a time savings for the owner in need.