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Concrete Foundation Leveling – Connecticut

Vice President Jason Yarusi goes over to discuss about Underpinning foundation and it’s process.
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Underpinning Foundation – How to repair Foundation?

“Hi, This is Jason here from W.A. Building Movers today we’re going to talk about a process called underpinning. Underpinning can be used to either strengthen and in the existing foundation or increase the depth of an existing foundation. This process can be used really, just for a number of reasons. If you’re looking to add stories to your home and you need to increase the strength of your current foundation this would be a great process for you. If you’re starting to have major cracks throughout your foundation this can be a process to basically strengthen your existing foundation.

If you would like to increase the height of your basement this will be a way to and you cannot raise your home for maybe height restrictions throughout your town this is a way that you could actually dig down and create a deeper foundation by underpinning the existing foundation. What would be done here is that you would excavate in certain sections generally 4 to 6 foot footprints throughout your foundation and from there you would pour pockets or pits of concrete to create your new base for your new footing that would be beneath your car foundation once that’s done you would repeat this process throughout in segments until you complete your entire foundation down to your new excavation below your existing foundation and tie it to your old foundation. For more questions about underpinning other, other needs you may have feel free to reach out to us . Thank you.”

Again any other questions on this or any other part of the process feel free to contact us via e-mail or call our office at908-654-8227. We look forward to hearing from you.

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