Q & A: Do I need to elevate my home? Sep 1, 2016 Source: WBRZ, 2 On Your Side By: Chris Nakamoto BATON ROUGE– The unnamed storm that swept through our area last month will go down as the fourth most expensive flood in the National Flood Insurance Program’s history, according to Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon. A

  CENTRAL – City building officials in Central want residents to make sure their houses have properly dried out and meet proper elevation standards before repairs begin. Does your home meet elevation standards? Officials stress it’s still being determined which homes would require elevating. A town hall meeting for Central residents will be held on Friday at 6

Under the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, you could save more than $90,000 over 10 years if you raise your house 3 feet above the Base Flood Elevation.

  Best ways to get FEMA grant money Grants are disbursed from the federal government (FEMA) to the states who use grant programs to allocate the funds to homeowners. The following is list of the best ways to get grant money for your house raising project: If contract is between the property owner and the general contractor,