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Structural Lifting Lakewood Township

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What Are The Reasons For Lifting Your House?

How House Lifting Prevents It From Heavy Flood?

Is Structural Lifting Beneficial?


Your home is one of your best possessions. A lot of times you tend to spend much more than what you chalk out as budget. Now imagine your house gets shattered by heavy flood. How will you feel? Once you become emotionally attached to your house, it is really difficult to bear the pain. You see in front of your eyes your house gets destroyed.

To avoid such a circumstance, immediately contact with Structural Lifting Lakewood Township. The team speaks of structural lifting. Structural lifting is the process by which your house is elevated either for extending the existing part or repairing the foundations below it. During the whole process, the house is lifted from the foundation base with a hydraulic jack. It is supported temporarily while the construction work continues below.


There are many reasons why people lift homes. The most eminent reason is to avoid floods. Other reasons may be to reduce flood insurance rates and to add more space to the homes. But is house lifting worthy? Will appointing Structural Lifter Lakewood Township be a bad decision? Let’s get into the answer.

  • Protecting your family

There is no doubt about it that hurricanes are dangerous. There have been cases of people giving their lives in floods. To avoid flood waters entering into your house, structural lifting beam can be installed. An important point to be remembered is that when you get the legal notice of evacuation, please follow it. Staying over the flooded waters is the primary step in ensuring that your family is safe.

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  • Protecting your house

It may happen that your house gets stuck while you are not in your house. It is important for you to be relieved about the fact that you see your home untouched after returning home. Lifting the house not only protects it from flood but also protects your house from the mold. This mold is seen when the water level gets down. Mold when stuck to the foundation of your house can lead to homes of termites.

  • House lifting lowers insurance

One benefit of house lifting is that you get to see a reduction in flood insurance premiums. A house, when raised up to 3 ft. from the foundation level has a less possibility of flooding. This means that insurance company won’t ask you to repay it.

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