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Stilt Beach House Plans in New Jersey


Stilt Beach House Plans New Jersey
Stilt Beach House Plans NJ
Stilt Beach House Plans Near Me in NJ


Today we want to talk about a stilt beach house plans with the unified jackin system is that when we go to lift your house we are setting a steel and putting o cribbing under that steel and that’s basically becoming our temporary foundation to be able to lift your house on what we’ll do is in each of our oak crimp set will be a jack and that Jack will be lifting the steel which would become the temporary foundation your house will sit on each of those jacks will run hoses back to a manifest and that manifest is called the unified jacking system what that jacking system allows us to do is it allows us to control the pressures that happen and occur and each of the load points where that jack is for simple reasons is that one corner may raise five tons in another corner make weight 20 tons.

When the unified jacking system allows us to do is delegate certain pressures to each of those load points so that five ton and that 20-ton section go up evenly so we called a unified tracking system is actually jacking the house send me out it going throughout instead of having more pressure go to the 20 tonne side and less pressure going to the five-ton side creating a disruption in your house and ultimately through something that would cause damage unified jacking system allows even pressure to dwell to create a consistent lift process and get your hip house up to a new elevation in the same format.




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