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Slab Separation Lifts in Houston, Tx

Sometimes for technical and/or cost reasons, a “Slab Separation” make be recommended rather than lifting the house and the attached concrete slab foundation. For the situations where the house lift is over 8 feet, it may be recommended because of itsgreater stability.

A slab separation, as the name suggests, is the separation of the house from the concrete slab foundation. The slab foundation will remain in place and new concrete columns and walls will be built between the original house and the original slab foundation.

When the slab is not lifted with the house, a new, elevated floor must be constructed. The new floor can be a wood-framed floor like that typically found in a house on a basement or crawlspace foundation, or it can be a new, elevated concrete slab.

Slab SeparationTo complete the lift approximately 4′ of all walls will need to be gutted up from the slab. this will allow the house to be released from the slab and the walls will be used to make the lift of the house. To complete the lift, bands will be set at determined points around the house and structural steel will be loaded under the bands.

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