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Raising Roof on Ranch House New Jersey


Raising Roof on Ranch House New Jersey
Raising Roof on Ranch House NJ
Raising Roof on Ranch House Near Me in NJ


They’re from double-a building over today we’re going to talk about a topic of actually using done lifting and building moving to be able to change up the use of the property.

We have a few different examples of this scenario one is we’re going to be lifting a factory building the factory building was currently being used or as a car restoration building the current use of the building is now going to be changed to office space however the heights of the current building do not allow for two floors of office based to be created so we’re going to do is going to lift this building up additional 60 a new suitable foundation will be installed and now they can build true scores of office space and be able to use the use as they now desire in other instances we are going to be lifting a flat roof an additional four feet this building.

Currently was used for storage and now is going to be used as a production design studio where they’re going to be filming some network TV and the current height of the ceiling that’s not allowed for the sound equipment and boom and lighting to be used in accordance for how they’re going to need to use it the last example would be a current house that has only eight-foot ceilings and the homeowner is now designed to have nine-foot ceilings a new homeowner or old Homer or whoever we can lift the second story and be able to create 9-foot ceilings as desired for that homeowner for that first floor there are a few different things that have come up recently thought would be good to present as different ways that house listing and building moving can be used at the context.




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