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Slab Leveling & Raised Slab Foundation New Jersey


Raised slab foundation New Jersey
Slab leveling NJ
Slab leveling Near Me in NJ


so if your house is built on this slab a lot of houses were built on slab construction over the years and if your will go in contact in the Northeast generally the slabs that were created to be the base of your house or your floor are not sufficient or just not cost-effective to raise them that would entail that the house would have to be disconnected from the slab and raised using the walls with that in place when we do this you will have to remember that the inside of the house at least four feet and down will have to be removed and will have to be exposed to the studs so you can take those and we can use the walls to lift the house once it’s up we will actually have a floor system rebuilt that will become your new floor that will take places of your old existing slab and the new foundation will be created underneath this there are times that slab can now be reused as maybe your new garage floor or other but that will come down to just how involved or how efficient your slab was to begin with.




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