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Raise My House In Flood Zones New Jersey

Our current projects on is was house raising. We were working on just to give people an idea about how they can help the remediation progress or project especially if their street or their property floods Precure matically due to over building or due to lack of a drainage system uh through to the township one instance is we have a house that was built prior to Hurricane sandy the house was built at the certain elevation which is of course above where the BFP needs to be however the grade was not allowed to be raised as for Township requirement at that time.

Since Hurricane sandy the township has taken on new requirements that allows for the grade to be raised so each of the new homes around this existing home have now been built three feet higher so every time it rains this house itself becomes a pool with all the water runoff coming from the other houses to be able to help with this fact what we’re going to do is we’re actually going to take this house and actually replicate this house three feet higher me and we’re going to take this house lift this house three feet higher extend and or it fill degrade and raise my house and the entire grade up three feet higher and actually take the entire house and basically make the same house three feet higher and put up retainingwalls to stop this runoff and stop thisflooding effect that’s happened over the time just in other instance how if you aren’t having a problem with just dramatic flooding due to just simple rainfalls this is something that can be put the place and something we can do here at wa building movers

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