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Jacking Up a House in New Jersey


jacking a house up New Jersey
jacking up a house NJ
jacking a house Near Me in NJ


Few of the items were bringing into your house when we come in there to prepare for the lift once we show up to your house we’re going to expect that your utilities been disconnected you of course have all your permits in place there’s been necessary clearing of any items that are in front of the house it’s allowing us full access to the house if you are tying the property.

We may ask that you actually have a letter from your neighbors we intend never go into a neighbor’s property but a few rare circumstances there are times that we do have that access to the neighbor’s property to be able to actually access your property as well once we get going with doing the prep for the work.

We’re going to make access points within your foundation to be able to install our materials and when we do install our materials we’re going to do is we’re going to set clocks and those blocks are six inch by 8 inc by four-foot oak blocks that we set his base basis at certain low points beneath your house that’s going to be at a prime lifting point is where we’re gonna set our jacks once we have our base of cribs says different low points.

We’ll begin installing our steel and the steel is actually going to become the temporary framework for which we’re going to lift your house upon and it’s going to create the temporary foundation for what your house will sit while your new permanent foundation is being erected so once we set our steel on top of our cribs that are located at various points throughout underneath your house we will take the steel and we will use just a simple hand jack to be able to raise the steel up the height to match it to your house and on top of the steel we will play sims to match it to the different floor systems and different heights of any wood beams that are underneath your house once we do that raise our cribs up and this will be the base for which we will begin to jack your house so that’s just a few of the things we do when we’re getting ready to be able to load your house to begin the jacking processing again.




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