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How Much To Raise A House In New Jersey


how much to raise a house New Jersey
how much to raise a house NJ
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We are down in Little Egg Harbor for our house that we’ve recently lived in this house had substantial damage since Hurricane sandy was put back together but as per the requirements of the town a new FEMA requirements needed to be lifted up through house raising to basically become FEMA compliant and also cut down their future flood risk and reduce their insurance substantially for their flood insurance this homeowner has received a grant to help it’s just in the cost of the work here what we’ve done at this point is we’ve raised the house prior to that because it wasn’t a slab is we had to get the first floor for clean up so we can use the walls to assist with the lift past that we’ve put in a new pile foundation.

It’s a helical pile foundation and that is going to be the base to be able to put a grade beam over once we cut these piles down to height we will go in there put in a grade beam and from there begin to put in the forms to pour the wall this structure is a bit more complicated than most house lives because there is actually an addiction that was built on top of this house that is completely freestanding from the house itself so you actually in contact we’re lifting two separate houses here so on top of this poured foundation we will put in a new floor system which will become the floor.

The new living room floor that was currently a slab down the ground and with through that floor system will be a new frame called a molten frame that will tie in the foundation to the second-story addition and then from there be allowed to have both houses set back onto one connection so at this point.

We’ll file you back in this through all the steps next up here we’re gonna cut the piles to height form in for our new great beam get our proper improper inspections and go from there again.



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