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How much does it cost to level a house on blocks?

How much does it cost to level a house on blocks? – Houston,Texas

Pier and beam foundation repair costs can range from high to low depending upon what is required to properly fix them. Average foundation repair prices can vary, and can cost as little as $1,500, while others can cost upwards of $10,000. It’s one thing to install ¼” steel shims to stabilize girder beams under a house, and quite another toinstall concrete piers(or pilings) all the way around a house.

Modern pier and beam foundations are basically elevated wooden foundations that rest on concrete piers and are positioned about 18-24” off the ground. Newer pier and beam homes generally have a concrete perimeter beam that runs around the outside perimeter of the house, and they all have a crawl space under them. The crawl space allows for easy access to plumbing pipes and electrical boxes, which can sometimes make them easier to repair than other types of foundations.

How much does it cost to level a houseThese types of foundations are prone to getting damp, developing mildew, and rotting because they are made of wood. While pier and beam homes are common in the North Texas area, they are far more common in northern states, where the weather gets freezing cold for months on end.

Moisture and rain often gets trapped in the crawl space and it is very important that the crawl spaces are properly vented. Termites and rodents can be a big problem, too. While pier and beam foundation can’t crack like concrete foundations do, they can develop a lot of other problems, which is why property owners often call forpier and beam foundation service.

Pier and beam homes rest on piers and have wooden girder beams that sit on top of the piers. These girder beams support wooden joists, which are small versions of girder beams, but run the opposite direction under the house. If the joists or girder beams have rotted out, they will need to be replaced and that will increase the pier and beam foundation repair costs can vary by quite a great deal. And if new piers need to be installed, the price will vary depending upon the number of piers that need to be installed in order to make the house level.

The cost to fix these homes is impossible to provide without first inspecting the foundation. Because foundation problems multiply as time goes by, it’s best to call a foundation repair contractor right away. This will allow you to minimize the cost of repairing your pier and beam foundation.

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