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How long does it take to fix the foundation of a house?

How long does it take to fix the foundation of a house? – Houston, Texas

Every foundation repair job is unique. From a minor leveling job to a complete reconstruction, there are many factors that determine the complexity of a job and its duration. For homeowners facing the need for foundation repair, it can be daunting to face days or weeks outside of your home, and you’re probably eager to get back to normal as soon as possible.

How long does it take to fix the foundation of a house?The best source of information on how long a repair will take is the professional company that you’ve enlisted to complete the task. Experiencedfoundation repaircontractors can be trusted to give an accurate idea on how long to expect and advise you of any factors that might extend the time frame.

Factors that can affect the duration of a foundation repair job include:

  • Extent of damage to the foundation
  • How much the house must be raised
  • Complications with the home’s plumbing
  • Surrounding plants and trees
  • Weather conditions
  • Size of the home

Sometimes foundation repair may take as little as one day, while extremely difficult tasks may require several weeks. A multitude of factors can impact this length, so a personalized inspection must be completed to form an estimate. Even if the damage seems to be minor, it can sometimes to difficult to see foundation damage. Although a more extensive job may require more time, this time or displacement during repairs will likely increase if the situation is left unaddressed. Although spending a week out of your home may be an unpleasant prospect, it’s better to tackle the problem and avoid an even longer time months down the road.

If you notice cracks or other signs offoundation damage, you’ll need to consult a foundation repair expert. They can thoroughly examine your home and give you information on the time and cost required to repair your home’s unique foundation and you can begin making the necessary preparations.

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