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Long Island House Raising: House Elevation Contractor

House Raising and Leveling Long Island
House raising to a different height for a new job or for better job prospects is not a new concept for anyone. However, the tasks House raising Long Island after moving are one of the most tedious jobs and that task is to find a home and start all over again. However, there is one alternative to this tiresome and exhausting job and that is to literally House raising your home around with you to the new place of employment. This way, nothing will be changed inside your home and the change will be easier to accept for the members of your family.


Affordable House Raising Contractors in Long Island

Do you wish to safeguard your house from natural calamities? Hiring house raising Long Island is the affordable contractor for budget friendly people. Lifting a house with jacks is traditional house lifting equipment. It will take more time to raise your house to protect from floodwater and to put new foundation. The cost to lift a house and replace foundation depends on the size of the house. They use the modern materials and complete their work in few days for a large house. It is advisable to get a house lifting cost before the start of the work.

The professional house raising company will do the below mentioned works.

  • Raising a house to add a basement
  • Lifting a house to fix foundation
  • Raise a house above flood zone
  • Jacking up a house to level floor
  • Replace foundation under existing house.
  • Raise concrete foundation

They are also popular as structural solution service providers in long Island. They are a team of engineers, construction workers and technical staffs. They have other staffs too to clear local body procedures, insurance and to get permission.


How much to raise a house and add a basement?

The hydraulic house jack system is quick and easier to raise a house in an even manner. This will save your time and money too. The cost of adding a basement to an existing house will depend on the concrete mix you may needed. The cost does depend on the foundation replacement techniques. A house raising contractor Long Island may adopt the modern technique at affordable cost to lift a house and pour a foundation. It is advisable to get a rough estimate for a foundation replacement, which you wish to do it as house renovation.

To request a quote for your lift or move, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or call our office at 908-654-8227 / 888-236-8398 We look forward to hearing from you.

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