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House Raising and Foundation Repair Projects : Alvin, Texas

Submitted by wamovers / Mar - 7 - 2017 / House Lifting, Uncategorized / Comments Off on House Raising and Foundation Repair Projects : Alvin, Texas

House Lifting and Foundation Repair: Alvin, Texas

What will happen with Decks, porches & stairs during house raising projects:

W.A. Building Movers has completed over 1,100 lifts since Hurricane Harvey, Sandy and decades of lifts prior to the storm that can be seen on our website

In this video, Jason Yarusi goes over what happens with the decks, porches and stairs of a house during a house lifting project.

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Hi, this is Jason here from W.A. Building Movers, today we want to talk about when you lift a home, what happens to your decks and porches? If you have a masonry stoop basically that is going to be demolished and you’re going to rebuild your porch or your new front steps to the new height of your new elevation. However, if you do have a wood frame front porch or a wood-framed deck this can be raised into the house with the house during the lift.

That said you are going to build these staircases to now meet the new elevation and you do need to take into account your setbacks to make sure that we are going to raise your house and your 10 feet from your sidewalk and you’re going to raise your house a new will say another six or seven feet that your new stairs do not take yourself into the sidewalk or actually into the street. There are a lot of configurations you can see where you can change your stairways to meet the new elevation but this is one item that you’re definitely have to pay attention to when you’re raising your house how are you going to set up your stairs to now be in accordance with the setbacks and required by the town and also put you in the condition where it’s actually usable. This is Jason again from W.A. Building Movers.

Again any other questions on this or any other part of the process feel free to contact us via e-mail at or call our office at 908-654-8227. We look forward to hearing from you.