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House raising (house lifting, house jacking, barn jacking, building jacking) process – Amboy, New Jersey

Ryan goes over to discuss about house lifting and it’s process.


In this video, Co-Vice President Ryan Yarusi goes over the actual process of a house lift.

“So I’m Ryan from W.A. Building Movers. What I’m going to talk to you about here is the step-by-step process of how we go about raising a house. When we show up to a house, what we do is, we asses the structure and figure out our best point of action on how we will raise the house Once we get our steel layout established, you know, we bring all our materials to the job site. What we do is, the first thing that we do is break holes in the foundation where our steel’s going to go. After we do that, we get our cribs established, we insert the steel like you see here. After we get the steel in, we shim the house on top with wood or whatever it may be so that basically we create a steel network suffice for the foundation that the house is sitting on while the house is in the air.

building jacking process

Once the house is loaded on the steel, we will set up the hydraulic jacking machine. What we’ll do is we’ll push up the house until we get a strong hold of the house and which when we turn on the machine we’ll push up all together. We use a unified jacking machine so whether one corner is five tons and another corner’s 20 and another corner’s 25. The unified jacking machine will push up the entire house at the same rate. Once we get the house to the required height that you need to go up finish-to-finish what we do is we add room on top for the contractor to have working room so that he can get the house ready for us to come lower down.”

Again any other questions on this or any other part of the process feel free to contact us via e-mail atinfo@wabuildingmovers.comor call our office at908-654-8227. We look forward to hearing from you.

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