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What Happens To The Existing Foundation When You Raise Your Home?

In this video, Jason Yarusi gives you a few scenarios of what happens to your foundation after the house is lifted off of it.

More In Details:

It’s Jason from Wa building movers thank you for always checking our content on YouTube again you can find us at Gonna talk today about what happens to the existing foundation when yo actually raise a house. Well, there can be several different options that can take place ultimately. If the foundation is suitable meaning that an engineer comes out and specs the foundation and deems that our proper footing that can now take the weight along with the existing foundation to be able to add more foundation to it.

When we lift the house the foundation can be extended up to more block or it can be added to it at times this may require because the existing foundation did not have rebar inside of the foundation or concrete reinforcing the foundation that rebar and also concrete may have to be added to the foundation to give it additional support however on the opposite side of the spectrum. If the foundation is not to go to the foundation cannot carry the weight or there’s no footing existing with the foundation. It would have to be demolished completely and a new foundation would be completed and now put in force and that can be of course much more expensive, so ultimately those two options can really weigh into the cost of what your project is going to is going to take place now there can be another option here where the foundation is sufficient however the soil beneath the foundation is inadequate and for that instance there could be the other option where weak the foundation

stays. However to support the foundation there may be a different deep pile applications one notably being the helicals that actually can support the foundation can create that that valid support to the foundation needs in place although regardless of the bad soil so there are just a few options that take place when you’re going to lift a house. It’s going to be ultimately come down to what is going to be the next step with my foundation can I keep it? Does it have to go? and that could be a pretty big swing ten – twenty – thirty thousand dollars in the cost of now the house of portion with the foundation.

Okay this is Jason from WA building movers again reach out to us Find us on YouTube WA building movers all right

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