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Foundation Waterproofing Membrane – NJ, CT, PA

The primary criteria for evaluating a basement waterproofing method should be its ability to insulate the basement against all forms of moisture seepage. The chosen waterproofing method should also contribute to the basement’s durability. A waterproofing material should help the basement surface in surviving foundation distress and landscaping challenges, such as infusion of pressurized gases in sunken soil zones.

Waterproofing your basement is not demanding, but it requires attention to detail and knowledge about common waterproofing applications. Basement membranes have been regarded as an effective solution for every basement-waterproofing requirement.

Basement membranes have a long life cycle and no reactions with moisture. That makes them more effective than external waterproofing coatings which corrode and peel when they are exposed to sustained moisture seepage. It offers years of undemanding waterproofing with negligible need for repair.

Basement Foundation Waterproofing Membrane
These membranes are the most conventional. Bituminous waterproofing membrane is also known as a petroleum-based waterproofing system. It uses asphalt, which is commonly used in roofing applications. Also called asphaltic waterproofing, membranes are applied in the form of an emulsion. Asphalt is highly resistant to moisture seepage, but its insulation properties can be compromised under severe and continuous water penetration.

Basement waterproofing cost can range from:

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