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Foundation Repair Keansburg New Jersey – Pier and Beam Foundation Repair NJ

Hurry! Repair Foundation Damages Soon

Oh no! Your house is in danger. The foundation is shaky and likely to break down soon. What to do now? Will you stay without any roof? No! That’s unrealistic. Think about the dangers. That’s a flop idea. Why not go for some repairing work?

Although foundation damage is itself a costly job, but when left unaddressed, it leads to bigger damage. The Foundation Repair Keansburg New Jerseyrepairs damages in the following parts of your house:

  • Cracking in the floor or walls.
  • Saggy or damped foundation walls.
  • Displaced moldings.
  • Creation of space between wall and ceiling.
  • Outer wall separation from the main building.
  • Doors and windows out of order.
  • Flaky concrete.
  • Damage in water areas.

What to Do For a Poor Foundation?

Foundation Repair Staten Island

What causes foundation failure?

There must be some reason for a poor foundation, right? Let’s look into the factors that results in damaged foundation.

  • During the winter time, the soil around and below the foundation, gets frozen. Naturally, it weighs quite heavy than the usual and gathers as a residual soil. Hence, a gap is formed between the base of the foundation and the soil below it.
  • Heavy winds and storms are a recurrent phenomenon. It leads to settling of moisture in the ground soil. This moisture increases the hydrostatic pressure. Due to high pressure the foundation automatically gets raised up from the soil. There is minor shift in the concrete and stress causes cracks.
  • After severe rainfall, it is likely that erosion can wash away soil from below the foundation. This is lead to forming a void between the foundation and the soil below it. Therefore, the foundation will sink down a bit.
  • While constructing the house, low quality materials like poor concrete and poor steel beams, if used, the whole foundation will be weakly build. Hence, problems are sure to arise soon.

Tips To Repair Cracked Foundation!

The pier and beam foundation repair Keansburg New Jersey uses methods like under pinning, pile driving, house lifting, and foundation replacement.

Such situations can occur in your work place too. What to do then? Will the problem be left unattended? Well, for professional purposes, make a call to Commercial Foundation Repair Keansburg New Jersey.

To request a quote for our services, please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or call our office at 908-654-8227 / (888) 236-8398. We look forward to hearing from you.

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