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How to Choose Foundation Repair Companies

Submitted by wamovers / Oct - 27 - 2016 / Uncategorized / Comments Off on How to Choose Foundation Repair Companies

How to Choose Foundation Repair Companies Union Beach, NJ

How to Choose a House Lifting Company

There are many companies that lift houses, but when it comes to lifting your home, you should find one that is extremely skilled, experienced and reliable in the industry. Therefore, before you choose a house lifting company, make sure it has the following criteria:

  • A long standing track record within the house lifting and building moving industry.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in general construction, machine operation and rigging.
  • Proper insurance for lifting and moving structures including but not limited to riggers, cargo and care custody and control insurance.
  • Proper house lifting equipment including but not limited to a unified jacking system, crib jacks and lifting equipment to perform the standard lifting procedures.
  • A comprehensive safety plan.
  • References from prior work in the rigging business.

W.A. Building Movers & Contractors Inc. does more than just meet all of the above. As a family business, we put every effort forward to make your family feel like a part of our family and we’ll treat your lift or move as if the home was our own home.

Foundation Repair Companies Union BeachTo see some of our projects, check out our Work Portfolio.

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