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Foundation Leveling & Foundation Repair Long Beach Island New Jersey

Pier and Beam Foundation Leveling Long Beach Island New Jersey

Everything has an expiry date. So does your house. Over time, its age increases. This is a clear indication of falling of the house foundation. Weakening of foundation is not caused by just one reason. Soil erosion, too much moisture, poor quality foundation materials from before, etc. can be the reasons of saggy foundation.

Often it is found that the doors and windows of your house are loosely fit. Well, with time, everything erodes. This is the time when you need help from Foundation Leveling Long Beach Island New Jersey. No home is the same as any other. Similarly, different methods are initiated to make various corrections.

  • What Should You Do When Foundation Leveling Gets Disturbed?
  • Repair Gaps In-Between Doors and Windows
  • Call Foundation Leveling In Long Beach Island New Jersey and Get Your Work Done

Let me illustrate with an example. Say for example, you have a pier and beam foundation. But quite a lot of space has been created in between the pier and beam and dirt is being accumulated there. What process to be followed now? In case of such a situation occurs the pier and beam foundation leveling Long Beach Island New Jersey team will follow these methods:

  • Putting new piers
  • Flattening girders and joists
  • Sistering
  • Reconstructing worn out beams
  • Re-shimming

What happens when installing new piers?

Piering, also known as piling, is the method of inserting steel pipe into the foundation. This works like a support to the building. It is a quick remedy, preventing the building into falling. Further, foundation settlements are corrected by this technique as well.

Piers are divided into two categories. They are:

  1. Push piers – Here, the steel pipe has galvanized parts. The entire pipe is forcefully put into the soil with the help of a hydraulic ram.
  2. Helical piers – This is a combination of screw piles and steel shafts. The main area is joined with one or more helixes. This improves the holding capacity of the foundation. Since it consists of screws, the screws are inserted into the ground with the help of a hydraulic torque motor.

For both the systems, one or more steel piers are dug deep into the soil and are joined to the foundation. A metal device joins the piers to the foundation. After the whole setup is done, each pile is put to test. While testing, more force is applied than usual to check whether it can provide support to the building. With the help of Foundation Leveling Cost Long Beach Island New Jersey, the whole affair is within the budget.

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