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Elevating Your Home? How High Do You Need To Raise It?

In this video, Jason Yarusi, goes over hose high you would need to lift your house, as this varies between your town, the state, and FEMA.

More In Details:

It’s Jason Yarusi coming to you again from WA building movers want to talk again today about raising your house – How high do you have to raise your house? Well ultimately is going to come down to a lot of different requirements including the FEMA requirements with the base flood elevation is and then also the state and town requirements. So ultimately your house may only have to be raised two feet by FEMA guidelines.

However your state and your town or your city may have implemented additional rules because they feel that they would like some barrier above that so the base flood elevation may be at a certain height and FEMA may insist that you raise the house and two feet however the town and state may have added an additional three feet within that process and so you ultimately will need to raise five feet to be able to meet both of the requirements between FEMA your town your state. Now the thing that works in your favor is that if you go to three feet higher than the FEMA guidelines that are gonna be the max

insurance discount that you will also get so there are lots of things that can fall in place but again you need to check beyond just FEMA but also past FEMA is there are other guidelines that are coming down from my state and my town now that’s gonna be a pretty simple call down to the township talk to the flood mitigator the flood risk specialist in the town if there’s not there’s gonna be one for the county if not there’s can be one for the state also you want to talk to your state regulator just make sure you know exactly what you’re gonna do just so you don’t go forward do this work and find out you’re not actually mean the code however you should be stopped at a town

if you’re submitting permits submitting all your application because they’re going to ultimately know what the requirements are for their town

specifically, I’ll get Jason from WA building movers again go to youtube WA building mores also you can find us on our website have a ton of videos there a ton of information for you to learn about yourself. Your house raises what takes to actually have this work done some reasons why you want to do it all right.

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