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House Moving in NJ, Houston We are in Cherry Hill lowering this 6 unit town house that consists of over 19,000 square feet and weighs in over 500 tons. The units were moved over 2500 feet to this location and into a 14 feet deep excavation where a new foundation will be erected. Once the foundation is

Structure Moving Houston, TX Take a look under the hood at what it looks like to be moving 550 tons of structure overhead. The soil conditions were extremely poor as the weather changed from freezing to thawing and the team had to continuously move steel plates throughout the site for the structure to continue to move. All

Foundation Raising Houston | Lifting Your Home Houston, Texas What is it going to take to lift your home and how long will it take?” Jason goes over all of the things that go into lifting your home from the steps you need to take before it can be lifted, until its time to be lowered. For

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a House – Houston, Texas “How much does it cost to lift a house?” Jason goes over the different factors and elements that go into pricing a house to be lifted in Houston, Texas. For more informative videos subscribe us on YouTube:// Follow Us on Instagram:// E-Mail:Mail To Jason Call

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