House Raising Cost Factors The range for the cost to raise a house is so broad that it is almost impossible to give an estimate without looking at the structure first. There are multiple factors that can raise or lower the total cost. Every quote is customized to every job depending on the following factors: Size

  Reduce Flood Insurance Rate Under the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, you could save more than $90,000 over 10 years if you raise your house 3 feet above the Base Flood Elevation. The BFE is the computed elevation to which floodwater is anticipated to rise during a base flood and is a regulatory requirement for

  Why lift or move your house? In this video, Vice President Jason Yarusi of W.A. Building Movers goes over various reasons to raise or move a house and shares a story about a fire damaged house George Washington once stayed in. Reasons to lift your house If your house was flooded by Hurricane Sandy or Irene and you’d

  Flood Zones In this video, our Vice President, Jason Yarusi goes over the different types of flood zones and what they mean. Flood zones are shown on flood maps. Moderate to low risk areas are zones that begin with the letters “B,” “C” or “X” and high-risk zones start with the letters “A” or “V.” To